Cement or Concrete

Cement is often confused as being the same thing as concrete, when in fact, cement is actually an ingredient of concrete.

About Sousa Ready Mix Inc.

Sousa Ready Mix inc. TeamSousa Ready Mix Inc has been serving the Kingston area for over 40 years as a family owned, local company. We provide ready mix concrete, concrete pumping, curb and sidewalks, concrete forming, floor finishing and specialized concrete works for Industrial, Residential and Commercial markets throughout the city and surrounding areas.

Sousa Ready Mix Inc is committed to providing the highest level of quality concrete construction services at fair and competitive market prices. We strive to promote and maintain good customer relationships by collaborating with local construction companies who provide various construction services. Working closely with owners and consultant teams, assist in finding workable solutions to unforeseen challenges, from the concept phase to final installation on site. We are continuously adapting to industry changes and regulations to ensure we provide our customers with the most efficient best practices, whether in the estimating department or on site. Our history of working with diverse customers on a wide range of projects, from innovative design builds to schools to waterfront public spaces, has allowed us to become a trusted partner in the Kingston area.

As both a construction contractor and a Ready Mix supplier, we have a unique opportunity at Sousa Ready Mix to specialize in customized concrete mixtures that not only meet standard specifications but are also the most efficient mix for each project. Having the experience and knowledge in the construction sector allows us to have a unique insight to the mix requirements of the needs for each project.

We are proud to be a part of helping Kingston grow, from the downtown core to the surrounding areas. We have worked with local construction companies to help build some of the most prominent and favourite features of our city, from the Springer Market Square rink and the beautiful Breakwater Park promenade to as far as the downtown Belleville Downtown Revitalization and the 3m Brockville N495 Mask Facility.